Our Mosaic Photo Booth Rental

The Mosaic Photo Booth Rental

Guests can be part of the fun in creating a bill board (or any sized board) work of art!  Live and in real-time at your event.  Especially fun for wedding guests!  For corporate events, you can reach new audiences plus turn your activation into opportunity, one picture at a time.  As guests leave the photo booth, we print a 2 x 2 sticker of their photo booth picture, that when placed on the Board, they all create a final Mosaic picture.  For weddings, this could be a favorite engagement picture of the happy couple.  For corporations, the final Mosaic could be their logo.  The possibilities are limitless!

Guest affixing their photo to the Mosaic Board.

Guests affix their photo booth picture to the Mosaic Board

People working on their Mosaic Board.

An example of an incomplete Mosaic board (corporate logo) during the event.

A completed Mosaic Board.

A completed Mosaic board - after the event your completed Mosaic board will be a treasured work of art.  You can frame it or display it to always remember your amazing event!New Text Here