Neon Signs

Neon LED Sign

Our Photo Booth Rentals come with many prop signs already included in the rental price. We also make AWESOME NEON signs! Our Neon LED Mr. and Mrs. sign fits the bill for any wedding if that is your event.  We gladly give you free expert advice on designing your Neon / LED sign. Our goal is to help you design a Neon / LED sign that will be compelling, eye catching and clearly communicate what you are trying to say.

Neon / LED Signs have been used in the past by businesses to catch someone's attention. They look cool and give a clear message to the person viewing the sign. The really good thing about Neon / LED signs is that you can practically say anything you want with them and they can also be made in just about any size you want. We have over 20 colors to choose from and gaining more all of the time! Colors can be mixed or matched on the same sign for even more fun!

We rent our Neon signs. The rental price for the Mr. and Mrs. Neon sign is $250 per event. We always make sure every sign rental is tested before we rent it out.

create your own neon/led sign now!